How To Get The Most From Your Lawyer

Most of us never really think about lawyers, because thankfully, we don’t have to. Maybe we’ve been fortunate enough to never have to seek professional legal advice, or never needed to get help with starting a business or separating from a partner. The one thing that most of us do actually know about lawyers is […]

10 Tips Every Employer Should Know

Being an employer means having to be responsible on multiple levels. It doesn’t just mean making a profit, it means treating your employees well, fairly, and equitably across the business. You, as an employer, have the opportunity to create an environment that fosters growth and respect, or one that falls apart because you aren’t making […]

A Quick Overview of Employment Law

Unless you work in the Human Resources department in your company, or are an employment law expert, you probably haven’t had much experience with employment law. The best case scenario is that you’ve actually never even been exposed to it at work, because you’ve always been treated fairly and haven’t had to take an extended […]