Sometimes in life, we face situations where we need some expertise to guide us through. Perhaps you have found yourself in one of those situations and you realise you need a lawyer but aren’t sure where to start. Don’t worry too much, as this is a very common problem for most people who aren’t lawyers themselves! The type of lawyer that you need depends upon the reasons why you require a lawyer in the first place. Below we will take a look at the different types of lawyers and what they specialise in.

Criminal Lawyers

If a criminal act has taken place then a criminal lawyer is best qualified to deal with an individual who has been charged with a crime. Criminal lawyers are specialists and have a vast amount of knowledge related to bail, pleas and general information related to arrests. They will be able to advise you on the next step and what you can expect in the process, and will assists you all the way to trial.

Bankruptcy Lawyers

Bankruptcy lawyers are there to cover all aspects of bankruptcy proceedings. If you are having financial difficulties and you are considering bankruptcy, it’s highly recommended that you find yourself a bankruptcy lawyer, as they will be able to assist you with the legal proceedings which can be complicated and confusing.  

Employment Lawyers

Employment lawyers have a multi functioning role. They can create legal employment contracts, can assist with employment relations, and they play a key role if a company is having issues with a particular employee or individual as they can make sure that the employment contract hasn’t been breached. You would potentially reach out to an employment lawyer if you feel that your rights as an employee have been breached and have not been resolved internally.

Contract Lawyers

Contract lawyers can often dip into other aspects of law, but their main function is to look over contracts. Different types of lawyers have different kinds of specialties, but most or all contract lawyers are able to deal with legal wordings which makes them quite versatile.

Immigration Lawyers

Immigration lawyers are exactly what their title suggests, and they deal with all aspects of immigration. Primarily, their function is to oversee visas, asylum and refugee claims, citizen requests and even the American green card type of documents. In many cases these lawyers often work on behalf of governments, but independent immigration lawyers are available to get legal advice related to immigration matters.  

Personal Injury Lawyers

Personal injury lawyers are lawyers that take care of any legal proceedings in the event of an accident or injury. They usually fight for damages or compensation from the parties that caused the injury and agree on the amount of damages to be awarded. Depending on the country where you live, you may or may not have access to this type of lawyer.

Estate Lawyers

These lawyers generally deal with anything after a death. They usually have dealt extensively with wills and trusts and are at hand to ensure the transition of assets runs smoothly. These lawyers can also help with the setting up of trust funds when children are part of an estate.

Intellectual Property Lawyers

These lawyers are key in business, as they offer designers legal assistance when trying to copyright, patent, trademark and helping to keep trade secrets. The role of an intellectual property lawyer is vital when a new design has been produced and there is a high risk of copying being made.

Tax Lawyers

Tax lawyer’s function is to oversee tax laws for governments. They are also able to give advice to individuals regarding their taxation matters, particularly when it comes to local, state or federal taxes.

Family Lawyers

Family lawyers deal with all aspects of family law. They can be on hand to deal with divorce or prenuptial agreements. They oversee and assist with custody battles. They also help to split family assets in the event of a divorce.

General Practice Lawyers

General practice lawyers are lawyers that don’t specialise in a particular area of law. They have a wide understanding of all aspects of law and they are able to call on a specialist when required. These types of lawyers are extremely useful if you have more than one legal issue, and they may be able to advise and help you with all matters, rather than you having to visit a number of different lawyers. General practice lawyers will even advise you to seek help from a specialist in a particular area after your initial conversation, if necessary.

Cyberspace Lawyers

Cyberspace lawyers deal with all aspects on internet law. They can deal with terms and conditions on a website, domain names, represent any legal wrangling arising between different companies, and they are also able to deal with censorship.

Education Lawyers

Education lawyers usually work for the government or in a non-profit organisation. They tend to deal with civil rights, school governance and educational reforms. These types of lawyers often deal with large cases involving educational institutions and also ensure that they are adhering to government legislation. They are also able to construct legal documents to assist staff in the education sector.  

Entertainment Lawyers

Entertainment lawyers play a key role in negotiating terms of contracts. They often represent musicians, authors and producers so that their contracts meet the terms and conditions set out by the original deal. They also deal with sponsorship deals and publications.

Construction Lawyers

Construction lawyers have to deal with many aspects of law. They have to be able to draft legal documentation that can be viewed by town planners, local governments, Financial investors and the actual purchasers themselves.

Environmental Lawyers

Environment lawyers play a key role in everything environmental. They have to be fully versed in what is current in regards to pollution and they also take avid interest in the quality of soil. If the law is broken, these lawyers are able to assist both in defence and in prosecution. These types of lawyers are vital when we consider the construction industry and the manufacturing sector. Both of these sectors can accidentally break the law as they could potentially emit harmful substances into the environments unbeknownst to them. These lawyers consist can assist companies in making sure that legislation is adhered to.

Above we have outlined the different type of lawyers that are available to assist you in a given situation. It is always worth double checking with a specialist lawyer to make sure that they can deal with your particular issue. And when in doubt, get multiple quotes and initial meetings with multiple lawyers to find one that works the best for you and your situation.

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