The Debate On Surrogacy In New Zealand

The term surrogacy refers to a conception technique where a female carries a baby for another couple who will then become the parents of the child after the child is born. Surrogacy is often used when a female is unable to carry a child as there is some issue related to her uterus. Surrogacy comes […]

What Are Your Holiday Entitlements At Work?

Whenever you work your main focus is usually the terms and conditions of your employment. We automatically focus on the pay and perks that a job brings. We may even look at the number of holidays than we are entitled to but there are many aspects of holidays that you may not be aware of. […]

What Is Workplace Bullying And How Can I Avoid It?

Bullying is the use of external force, threat, intimidation or coercing someone into doing things they aren’t willing to do in an aggressive manner which becomes habitual and repetitive. Bullying over the years has been attributed to behaviours of domination caused by the imbalance of social and physical power.  There is always the ‘bully’ and […]

The Pros & Cons Of Having A Union In Your Workplace

Talk of unions often sends employees flying in one direction or another of the proverbial union line in the sand. The controversial topic is usually only one held by traditional unionised workforces, like labour or health care, but remains prevalent when it comes to employment law in NZ or other countries that have a strong […]