Pursuing payment at all costs

While there are a variety of debt recovery mechanisms in place under New Zealand law, these are not always effective against bodies corporate. Creditors will be familiar with the presumption of insolvency that can trigger liquidation when a statutory demand is left unsatisfied.  However, this type of action is not available against bodies corporate because […]

This Month In Law

Once again we have an interesting month in New Zealand law. Join us as we run through some of the main employment law updates and recent interesting cases around the updates, as well as new legal protections at work. We’ll finish off with everyone’s favourite – tax time updates! Let’s dive in. Minimum wage rises […]

Public law expert joins Kensington Swan partnership

Clark was a noted journalist before becoming a lawyer, having covered five elections in a 20-year career. She became a household name in the 1990s as political editor at TVNZ and subsequently as the host of Radio New Zealand’s Nine to Noonprogram. As a lawyer, she is still in demand as a political commentator and election-night […]

SSC launches WeCount LGBTQIA+ survey

WeCount 2019 is open to self-identifying LGBTQIA+ members of the New Zealand Public Service. The SSC says it’s important that only responses from this community are received so that the data is accurate and useful in helping find ways to support our people if they need it.

Clear communication key to successful earn-outs

According to Grant Thornton International research, ‘Earn-outs: How to avoid pitfalls and protect value’, earn-outs are one of the most disputed areas of transactions, during both negotiation and post-deal litigation, with 60% of New Zealand survey respondents stating earn-outs take the longest to negotiate; 57% of New Zealand respondents also said they’re the most disputed […]

Lawyers wanted to test online court experiment

The Centre’s Aotearoa’s Future Courts Project is the first in New Zealand to look at the potential impact of the international trend of online courts. It will compare how lay people and lawyers describe disputes by asking them to conduct mock client interviews and file claims in a mock online court (which is based on […]