Chen Palmer to help develop online guidance on New Zealand Sign Language Act

“NZSL is recognised as one of the three official languages of New Zealand under the act. However, only 0.5% (22,986 people) of the population use it, and therefore it is considered a threatened language,” said Chen Palmer managing partner Mai Chen, who also chairs the Superdiversity Institute. “The online publication will provide plain English, easy […]

This Month In Law

This month in New Zealand law has us looking at new leadership in the law world and new legislation for the country. First on our list will be reviewing the new Chief of the Employment Relations Authority, which may have a big impact on employment relations across the country going forward. Time will only tell […]

Focus on … Gisborne

“But Gisborne definitely has that, there’s a real community heart and the lawyers here are a whānau and I class it as that. When you need support you’ve got people to catch you; if you’re standing in court and you get stuck somebody will be around to help you out. You get to know all […]

Sir Thomas Eichelbaum has died

“Sir Thomas was Chief Justice from February 1989 to May 1999. He was the first Chief Justice who had served as a member of the judiciary before his appointment. He was an excellent administrator who was respected by all as a person of integrity who was also willing to consult and seek advice where necessary. […]